Morris Finance

Case Study: Morris Finance – Commercial Lender


Morris Finance (MF) is a commercial lending firm based in Geelong, Victoria, with over a decade’s experience in their field. They assist clients from a wide range of industries (transport, trades, agriculture) in increasing efficiency and growing profits through equipment financing.

MF had experienced steady growth which brought with it a range of challenges. These related mainly to a growing team of staff (many of whom are under 30) who were drawn together from a range of backgrounds.

MF approached Simon to undertake staff and personal development activities with the end goal of improving team cohesion and ultimately driving sales growth and profitability.


At the outset, Simon met with MF’s management team to closely understand the challenges they were facing, and to map out their specific goals. Following this information gathering process, Simon implemented a series of workshops designed to help them think differently. A key part of the exercise was a focus on developing staff both personally and professionally.

By building trust with staff of all levels, Simon was able to help staff grow as individuals and more effectively align their individual goals with broader company goals. As testament to the success of the first program, Simon was re-engaged for a further program of development activities.


As a result of Simon’s coaching, MF has experienced better working relationships among the diverse staff, which ultimately has helped with the continued growth of the company.

MF’s Managing Director, Nathan Murray, commented: “It’s a real interpersonal reaction that they’ve experienced and it’s definitely benefited the staff and as a result, the whole business. The people involved have emerged stronger, and better able to be both independent and team players within our organization.”

“I’d have no hesitation in recommending Simon as a coach and trainer to anyone who wants to motivate their staff to reach their potential. The professionalism Simon brings to the relationship and his corporate understanding of our business is particularly outstanding.”