Why choose Simon

When you engage Simon Madden Consulting (SMC), you benefit as we apply current research and extensive experience to your organisation. This includes modern research about best practice in business and people management, plus real-world experience drawn from the fields of business, education and elite sport.

Our expertise is in working with organisations of different sizes to produce a more engaged, productive workforce and sustained high-performance throughout the organisation.  Our bottom line is about boosting your bottom line.

At SMC, this is no one-size-fits-all experience. We closely work with you to understand your needs and provide our tailored Prospering People Program™ to produce the right outcome for you and your team.

The sales team said it was the best seminar they had been to for a long, long time and they have started the week in a GREAT mood. Staff morale is the greatest challenge these days and this is the happiest I have seen this team in 12 months – so THANKS for organising the seminar for us and for being so REAL.

– Rosie Morehead, Sales Advertising & Marketing Manager, First National Giles Jones



What we offer

Due to our breadth of experience, we can integrate some or all of the following elements into your tailored program:

  • Team building – a team that works well together performs better, and stays together longer
  • Performance coaching – improve your people, improve your business
  • Strategic planning – making sure you’re doing the right things, and doing things right
  • Sales training – exceed your sales targets and boost your bottom line

We offer ongoing programs or one-off presentations as needed.

Thanks so much for your presentation at our Managers meeting in Melbourne. The feedback about your presentation was outstanding. You delivered your messages in a way that the management team really enjoyed.

Also thanks so much for the information about the other services you provide. Hopefully we can look at something more in the future.

– Suzanne Petterson, General Manager, Aged Care, Lend Lease

Keynote presentations

Simon is also available as a keynote speaker on a range of topics such as:

  • Improving work, client and staff relationships
  • Building productivity and teamwork, and
  • Aligning individual and organisational goals for mutual benefit.

Regardless of the topic, the most common feedback from Simon’s presentations is that he gets people thinking differently. Simon is a gifted story teller. His presentations are highly engaging with a fun and focused style, as he seamlessly weaves in stories to bring home the underlying message.


On behalf of the Victoria Police, Special Operations Group (S.O.G.), I wish to take this opportunity to formally express our gratitude for your outstanding and thought provoking presentation to the S.O.G. Your vast knowledge, credibility and experience in effectively leading and maintaining high performing teams came to the fore during your presentation.

– Geoff Alway, Superintendent Protective Security Division, Victoria Police



I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for your contribution to our retreat. All participants enjoyed the theoretical sessions and widely appreciated the practical activities. They are still talking about how they enjoyed the interaction and participation and how much they have benefited from your coaching. Please accept my most sincere thanks for making our two day retreat a memorable one.

– Massimo Di Luca, Food and Beverage Manager, RACV City Club, Melbourne

Simon was a fantastic trainer teaching us some great leadership skills for us all to take back to our offices.

– Jennifer Nitschke, Marschall First National Real Estate, SA

Principles that bring results

Our programs are based around 4 key principles:

  • Clarity. Critical to peak performance is a clear understanding of your organisation’s needs, a clarity of purpose, and clear communication. How clear are you about where your organisation stands?
  • Direction. As a manager, you need an understanding of the direction you want to take towards the future with full and precise directions given in all activities. Do you really know where your organisation is headed?
  • Cooperation. There must be ongoing emphasis on working in collaboration with your organisation and continued emphasis on group cooperation in working towards specified goals. Do your people work as a team or do they just gather as a group?
  • Challenge. To grow, ongoing challenge should be presented to team members to honestly examine the existing status quo and work towards continual improvements. Are your people engaged with their work or are they filling in time?

About Simon

With experience in education, business and elite sport, Simon Madden has a unique outlook on what it takes to be successful. He played 378 games for the Essendon Football Club, was Victorian and club captain, played in two premiership teams, and was selected All Australian on multiple occasions.

Not content just to be known as an elite athlete, Simon has continued to build his professional skills across a wide range of business and educational spheres:

Business. Simon’s business career has included work in sales, marketing, media and information technology industries. He has held management positions helping build small, medium and large organisations to achieve their goals. Simon has been consulting into organisations since 2008.

Some of Simon’s career highlights include negotiating a billion dollar collective bargain deal, establishing a landmark deal with an iconic Australia food/beverage manufacturer, and growing business with a government agency by several hundred percent. He is currently a Director on the Essendon Football Club Board.

Education. Simon has an extended background in education and understands the tremendous difference that it can bring to individual and team performance. He worked as a teacher for 15 years, attaining the position of Vice Principal.

Simon draws on this educational background to harness current research and real-world experience to educate and motivate teams.

People development. Simon was President of the AFL Players Association from 1985 to 1989. A key role of the AFLPA is career development and welfare for literally hundreds of people. It was during this time that Simon developed a passion for people development.

From this experience, Simon developed an empathy with people from all walks of life and despite his distinguished career, is still well-known as ‘man of the people’. Approachable and down to earth, Simon is equally interested in developing everyone from CEOs to junior staff.

Media. Along the way, Simon has had television, radio, public speaking and presenting experience. He has continually been sought by business, government, media, educational and sports bodies for his views on life, business and sport.

About Simon

Most would not have expected you to be so involving. Some aspects that were particularly impressive:

• Reading of your audience and pitching the story to their interest level.
• Clear, concise and specific language always captivates listeners.
• Your introduction was surprising, attention getting and had people ready to go on this exciting journey.
• You were their man for the evening, a friendly, good, approachable guy, who was happy to chat, have photos, give time to all ages, but above all was/is brilliant with names.”

– Clem A Dickinson, Financial Adviser, Fiducian Financial Services Pty Ltd


Q. What tangible results can I expect from working with SMC?
A. Our philosophy is ‘improve your people, improve your results’. As a result of implementing our tailored program for your organisation, you can expect to see a more engaged and productive workforce. This directly translates to improvements in turnover and profit for your business. As testament to the quality of our work, SMC has been re-engaged by former clients on multiple occasions. That is the best endorsement we can ever ask for.

Q. What do you charge?
A. Because of the highly tailored nature of our programs, there is no standard charge. We work with a range of businesses and community organisations to achieve their goals. Some clients engage us on a one-off basis but we prefer longer term programs so we can see the sustained high-performance outcome that we aim for. Take advantage of our free 45 minute strategy session to uncover your needs and map out a path for success. Call 1300 150 720 .

Q. If we engage SMC, are we in for just an endless range of footballing anecdotes?
A. Many clients are actually surprised by how little Simon talks about his footballing days, although there are obvious parallels between team sports and organisational team performance. Simon’s clear focus is on the results needed for you and your team, right now.

Thanks again for your involvement last Wed. We’ve had some great feedback since the event and between the team and I we judged it one of our best ever. The energy levels in the room were palpable!

– Ashley Thomson, Managing Director, Tenfold Business Coaching

Great to have you over for the chapter retreat and thanks very much for the quality of your presentation. Recommendation is the sincerest form of thanks and with your permission I would like to recommend you to the other chapters in the regions for any similar gigs they may be running. All the very best with your endeavours, and thanks again.

– Paul Claessen, Retreat Organizer, Entrepreneurs Organization, Perth

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Simon Madden Consulting
Address: 2 Edward St Essendon VIC 3040.
Phone: 1300 150 720

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